HOW LOW CAN JOE GO? Biden Approval Rating in Full-On Freefall, Down Big on Key Issues

COVID. Immigration. Gun violence. It’s all bad news for Joe.

According to a new ABC News/Ipsos Poll, Biden and his administration are falling out of favor with the American people.

“Biden’s overall approval/disapproval rating is at 45 percent / 49 percent — showing more Americans disapprove of his performance than approve,” the New York Post reports.

“Fifty-seven percent of Americans approve of his handling of the pandemic — his highest numbers in the poll — but that’s down seven points from the end of August and a whopping 15 points from March,” the Post adds. 

But that’s not the worst of it. Biden is flatlining on several key issues.

Just over 30% approve of Biden’s action on immigration and the situation in Del Rio, TX. 38% approve of how Joe is handling the crime spike and gun violence in particular. Biden’s continuing troubles in Afghanistan – 38% approval.

How much worse will it get for Biden and his administration?