‘HOW ABOUT SECURING OUR BORDER?’ Boebert Shreds Mayorkas, ‘Stop Acting Like a Dictator’

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) continues to rail against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and his Disinformation Governance Board. This time, the Colorado rep compared Mayorkas to Mao and Stalin, while blasting him for ignoring the southern border crisis.

Boebert spoke about her new bill to defund and prohibit the Mayorkas’ board.

“Instead of trying to pull from the playbook of Stalin and Mao, how about securing our southern border so we don’t have three million illegal aliens invading our country? […] Mayorkas, stop acting like a dictator and start acting like you give a darn about the safety and security of your fellow Americans.”

Boebert also hit Mayorkas for going after parents who speak up at school board meetings.

“We will not accept being called domestic terrorists for showing up to school boards…and we won’t be allowing these corrupt bureaucrats to create a ‘Ministry of Truth’ to gaslight the American people.”

“And we will be impeaching this tyrant.”

Watch the clip below: