HOUSE OF LOUSE: Watch Parents Role Out, Protest Wokeness Outside Disney HQ

Hundreds of protestors showed up Wednesday night to protest Disney’s response to the Governor Ron DeSantis’ Parental Rights in Education bill. Disney has vowed to fightback against the misnomered “Don’t Say Gay” bill, drawing the ire of concerned parents across the Sunshine State —and the nation.

Frontlines host Draw Hernandez shared multiple videos from the event on Twitter:

BREAKING: Protesters gather in front of the Disney HQ in Burbank CA chanting “BOYCOTT DISNEY!”

“BREAKING: Protester in front of the Disney HQ in Burbank CA saying ‘The Walt Disney Company are filled with Pedophiles,’” Hernandez tweeted along with another video.

One Disney employee with conservative values was brave enough to stand up and speak to the crowd:

“It’s gotten very political and it’s gotten very hard to be who you are. It’s gotten very hard to be someone who has conservative values. Someone who believes in the right to choose,” the employee said.