Mike Slater

Mike Slater is the host of a widely popular radio show that airs daily on KGB-AM in San Diego. He also appears frequently as a guest on FOX Business, FOX News, and The Blaze, and has guest hosted on CNN Headline News.

A graduate of Yale, his passion is to speak about traditional American values and stand up for the pro-life movement. On his radio show, Mike speaks to the Conservative heart by focusing on the five values that most inspire a virtuous life: curiosity, gratitude, hope, zest, and love. Where other talk hosts may use anger, frustration, and hopelessness to talk about current events, Slater tells stories that connect to eternal principles and conservative values.

Mike is the author of “How To Change Someone’s Mind” and the children’s book “Imagine Jack and the History Kids,” and was named Top 5 “Young Guns” of Talk Radio by TALKERS Magazine.