HOMICIDE, USA: Murders Surging in Washington D.C. Due to ‘Misguided Police Reform,’ Police Union Chairman Says

Murders are up in Washington D.C. —way up.

According to a report from a local CBS affiliate, D.C. has reached the tragic milestone of one hundred homicides for the year, already —faster than any year since 2003.

DC Police Union Chairman Gregg Pemberton says the spike in homicides is due to “misguided police reform.”

“This increase in crime is due to the DC Council’s implementation of misguided ‘police reform’ legislation,” Pemberton said. “The Council’s actions have had a chilling effect on professional and responsible policing. Other major cities that have passed similar legislation have also experienced the mass departure of police personnel and, as a result, surges in crime. While the Council does its business inside a building protected by armed security, police officers in the real world are unable to do the impactful and necessary tasks needed to protect the public and apprehend violent criminals.”

More from the local CBS affiliate

MPD has lost over 500 police officers to either retirement or resignation since council’s actions, Pemberton said, and the total strength of the police department is approximately 3,400 sworn officers, the lowest number in decades.

D.C.’s homicide rate is up 16% compared to last year, which saw a record-high number of homicides, with 226 homicides committee in the District in 2021.