HOLY SCHMIDT! Top MSNBC Analyst Says ‘Freedom Truckers’ are ‘Fascists’ Funded by America’s ‘Far-Right’

MSNBC analyst and former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt trashed Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ on social media this week; calling the group a bunch of “fascists” orchestrated from the United States.

“Ottawa is the Capitol City of one of the most important countries in the world, Canada. It is under siege by a highly organized and well funded fascist occupation that is coordinating with, connected to and funded in part, by the American far right. This is a profoundly important story that is being covered abysmally in the United States. The autocratic metastasis is spreading and extremists are rising. The confederate flags, Q symbols, Nazi flags and other hate symbols aren’t incidental, coincidental or accidental. The United States and Canada share the longest, peaceful, undefended border in world history. We are linked by our values and ideals by our sins and faults. Our histories are interwoven and our peoples deeply connected through love, service, sacrifice, family and freedom. Political violence instability, and chaos will not be contained at the border. We have a problem and it is one America and Canada share. People of goodwill and good faith who believe in pluralism and democracy better wake up on both sides of the border,” ranted Schmidt on Twitter.

Read Schmitt’s full rant above.