Hollywood Legend Tim Robbins Slams Lockdowns and Forced Vaccinations

Actor Tim Robbins is speaking out against the lockdowns and forced vaccinations which he claims turned Americans into “tribal, angry, vengeful people.” Robbins made his comments while speaking with actor and podcaster Russel Brand.

Watch the video below:

“We went into lockdown with healthy people and children, and that didn’t seem to be wise to me,” the Shawshank Redemption star told Brand. “All I can respond to is as someone who is concerned about what the result of those doctrines, that policy, had on us as human beings, and it’s not good. We turned into tribal, angry, vengeful people.” Robbins added that turning people into “pariahs” and saying they “don’t deserve a hospital bed” if they don’t agree with certain health policies is not sustainable.

“I think about people that have made bad mistakes in their lives, where they take too many drugs and they overdose, and that’s totally their choice and totally their responsibility,” Robbins explained. “Yet, we take care of them. Yet, we bring them to the hospital. Yet, we save their lives. Because we’re compassionate.”