HOLIDAY JOE: While Intelligence Agencies Run Amok, Biden Escapes for a Week-Long Vacation

This certainly wasn’t the best time for Joe Biden to vanish from the public eye.

According to a report from Fox News, President Biden has arrived on a secluded South Carolina island for a week-long vacation during one of the biggest national scandals in years.

He’s accompanied by First Son Hunter Biden and FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden.

From Fox News:

The Biden family will be staying at a private residence owned by a friend on Kiawah Island, a wealthy and secluded destination. The president’s son, Hunter Biden, accompanied Biden and first lady Jill Biden on the Air Force One flight from Washington. Biden’s daughter-in-law Melissa Cohen and grandson Beau also attended.

Late-summer vacations are common for U.S. presidents, but Biden’s comes as the House is expecting to vote on the massive “Inflation Reduction Act,” which is full of White House priorities.

The vacation will likely delay the bill’s signing, and the White House has not stated when the president will return to Washington.

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