HILARIOUS: Greasy Gavin Urges Florida Residents to Consider Move to California

California Governor Gavin Newsom launched a series of ads in Florida this week urging residents to relocate from the Sunshine to the Golden State.

“This is hilarious. Florida leadership has kicked California’s ass in every conceivable governance metric over the last 2 years, but Newsom, like his supporters, is delusional,” posted Buck Sexton on Twitter.

From the NY Post.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom launched a Golden State ground attack in Florida on Monday, releasing an ad urging Sunshine State residents fed up with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to pack their flip-flops and head west.

Newsom bought $105,000 worth of spots that began airing on Fox News in Florida, spurring chatter about a potential 2024 presidential run — especially if Joe Biden opts not to seek a second term

The ads also cranked up the temperature on the nation’s fiercest gubernatorial rivalry.

While the 30-second spot doesn’t mention DeSantis by name, Newsom takes aim at several of the Florida conservative’s signature legislative accomplishments.

“It’s Independence Day,” Newsom tells the camera while clad in a white dress shirt and standing in a lushly landscaped backyard. “So let’s talk about what’s going on in America.”