HERO DENIED: Boebert Intos Resolution to Honor Indiana Mall Hero Eli Dicken —No Dems Sign On

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) introduced a House resolution on Thursday to honor Indiana Mall hero Eli Dicken, who took out the Greenwood Mall Shooter in just 15 seconds using his legally carried handgun.

“Elisjsha Dicken is an American hero, worthy of recognition and honor,” Boebert told Fox News Digital. “Eli’s act of bravery saved countless lives and inspired millions more.”

“While many career politicians are working to disarm law-abiding citizens like Eli, I’m committed to ensuring that we uphold our Constitutional right to defend one’s self,” she continued. “On behalf of a grateful nation, I’m honored to lead this bill recognizing Eli Dicken, a true American hero.”

“Resolved, That the House of Representatives recognizes and honors Elisjsha Dicken for his demonstration of courage, self-sacrifice, and fidelity to his fellow Americans,” the resolution reads.

Despite the resolution garnering 11 GOP co-sponsors, no Dems signed on .

Boebert tweeted about the resolution, calling Dicken a hero.

“Eli Dicken saved countless lives & inspired millions more. His act of heroism proves why a “good guy with a gun” is the best way to keep us safe against those who wish to do evil. It is sad & predictable that not one Democrat will sign on to honor him.”