HELP US OUT, HUNTER: Klain Begged Biden for Cash to Fix Up VP Residence in 2012

Back in 2012, while attempting to raise funds for the Vice President’s residence, current Biden chief of staff Ron Klain emailed Hunter Biden, asking for money and telling him to “keep this low key.”

According to Fox News, “Klain, who had left his chief of staff position in then-Vice President Biden’s office a year earlier but was the foundation’s chairman at the time of the emails, told Hunter that he needed to ‘tackle a piece of unpleasant business’ and needed Hunter’s help.”

“The tax lawyers for the VP Residence Foundation have concluded that since the Cheney folks last raised money in 2007 and not 2008, we actually have to have some incoming funds before the end of this fiscal year (i.e., before 9/30/12 – next week) to remain eligible to be a ‘public charity,'” Klain wrote in an email to Hunter that was reviewed by Fox News.

“It’s not much – we need to raise a total of $20,000 – so I’m hitting up a few very close friends on a very confidential basis to write checks of $2,000 each,” Klain continued. “We need to keep this low low key, because raising money for the Residence now is bad PR – but it has to be done, so I’m trying to just collect the 10 checks of $2,000, get it done in a week, and then, we can do an event for the Residence Foundation after the election.”

The embattled First Son is riding a wave of terrible press, as the contents of his incriminating laptop, detailing his shady international business dealings, continue to be rolled out by the media. Hunter is currently holed up in a $20,000 a month mansion in Malibu, costing the taxpayer $30,000 a month in Secret Service protection.