HE’LL NEVER MAKE IT: Only 1 in 5 Americans Think Joe Biden Will Finish His Term

According to a recent I&I/TIPP Poll, 79 percent of Americans don’t believe Joe Biden will finish out his first term; Biden has only been in office just over 14 months.

“[A]fter a year of record inflation and gasoline price hikes, devastating COVID lockdowns, a surge of illegal immigration, the botched departure from Afghanistan, and growing questions over the 79-year-old president’s mental fitness, a surprising number of Americans now think Biden won’t last even another two and a half years in office, according to the latest I&I/TIPP Poll,” Issues & Insights reported.

When asked “In your opinion, how likely is it that Joe Biden will complete his first term in office?” a large majority (71%) said it’s likely. But 21% said it was “not likely” he’ll finish his term.

“A closer look at the data provides little comfort for Biden’s own pollsters and political advisers,” Issues Insights reported. “Just 45% of those responding said it was ‘very likely’ Biden would last. Some 25% said it was only ‘somewhat likely,’ hardly a vote of confidence in Biden’s presidential future. Another 8% said they are ‘not sure.’”

Biden continues to hit record low approval numbers and commit gaffe after gaffe on the world stage. The Real Clear politics approval rating for Now is sitting at about 41 percent.