HATE SPEECH? AOC Suggests Israeli Jews Caging Children in the West Bank

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -once again- targeted the Israeli government during a speaking event in Austin, TX this week; falsely accusing the Jewish State of putting Palestinian children “in cages” in the West Bank.

“With media, with all this stuff, Palestine is basically a banned word. It’s censored. We don’t talk about it. No one knows about it,” she said. “Thank you for bringing it up, honestly, because we shouldn’t have to tiptoe around these things. We should be able to talk about it. And we shouldn’t allow people’s humanity to be censored.”

“Believing in the basic human dignity and the ability for a person to not be jailed or beaten for who they are, it does not mean that you are bigoted against any other community,” she explained. “And we gotta call that for what it is.”

AOC added, “We need to remember that the people who are taking those tough votes are disproportionately Black, brown and women members of Congress carrying the fire.”

“I don’t believe that a child should be in a cage on our border and I don’t believe a child should be in a cage in the West Bank.”

Watch the revealing moment above.

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