HARMFUL: Wearing Trump-Colored Glasses Bad for Your Health | Steve Berman

I wonder how many Twitter employees drive Teslas? I wonder how many will sell theirs now that they’ll be working for Elon Musk? Until Musk decided to buy Twitter, he was a green advocate for zero emissions, and a pioneer who almost single-handedly moved EV development decades further than it would have been without him. To the climate-obsessed left, Musk is really a hero. But seen through Trump-colored glasses, Musk is a heel.

The words “free speech absolutist” is code for “returning Trump to Twitter” when wearing Trump-colored glasses. Those magical glasses polarize everything—everything—from golf, to politics, to sports, to cars, food, your mom.

It should not even be arguable that Vladimir Putin is a soulless thug who has committed, and is now committing, horrible war crimes, up to and including genocide. But to those wearing Trump-colored glasses, because Trump admired Putin, the man has to have some redeeming quality. So they focus on Zelenskyy. Say anything positive about the Ukrainian president and suddenly you’re a globalist shill working for George Soros, who is a crypto-Nazi

If Soros can be a Nazi, why can’t the Jew Zelenskyy? This is only a fraction of the polarizing, reality-bending power of Trump-colored glasses.

The left hates Mike Pence with the heat of a thousand suns. They hold him as a theocrat, a goody-goody woman hater who won’t have lunch with the opposite sex because his wife is busy being barefoot and pregnant. With Trump-colored glasses, the left doesn’t know whether to make Pence a hero for stopping the unconstitutional subversion of the 2020 election certification, but Trumpists say Pence is a traitor. Pence stood by Trump for five years, silent, even defending the indefensible. But he wouldn’t sign on to an auto-golpe, so he’s a criminal.

Decades ago, Tipper Gore blamed video game violence for actual violence in teens. Back in 1993, the industry responded to Senate hearings by establishing the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), and adding rating labels to games. Gore also attacked song lyrics, leading to Dee Snider, lead singer for Twisted Sister, testifying before Congress in one of the greatest moments in government history. After Sandy Hook, the debate came back around. And then Trump suggested video games were responsible for mass shootings. Suddenly, the left trots out a study: “We found a whole lot of nothing.” In 2011, Justice Antonin Scalia argued that a lack of scientific link between video games and violent behavior restrained the government from acting. Trump-colored glasses had the left agree with Scalia because Trump took Tipper Gore’s side.

Trump has endorsed 140 candidates at the state and federal level in the 2022 election cycle. He endorsed J.D. Vance in Ohio, despite being leg-humped by Josh Mandel. Trump endorsed Herschel Walker, Mike Lee, Ted Budd, and Mehmet Oz for the Senate. There are better candidates but many won’t run because Trump-colored glasses means if you haven’t kissed the ring in Mar-a-Lago, and gotten the royal nod from the Orange Throne, you won’t get votes. It also means that good candidates like David Perdue end up in races they have no business running—like taking on a popular Republican, Gov. Brian Kemp, in Georgia. All because Georgia was seen as the state where Trump was ruined, so it must be a stolen election.

Stacey Abrams said the 2018 election for governor was rigged. She has never conceded. Those wearing Trump-colored glasses have to agree that Stacey Abrams should be governor, because Brian Kemp sided with the Democrats and single-handedly put Joe Biden in office as POTUS in a stolen election in 2020. As secretary of state in 2018, it must have been Kemp who rigged the election, and then got his conspirator Brad Raffensperger to do it again in 2020, to deny Trump another term. In 2022, Trump-colored glasses would have people support Abrams for governor when Perdue loses.

Trump is supporting Congressman Jody Hice for Georgia secretary of state, but rescinded his endorsement for Mo Brooks for Senate in Alabama. Trump endorsed Glenn Youngkin in 2021 for Virginia governor, and Youngkin neither wanted or needed that endorsement. The left hates Youngkin because Trump endorsed him, even though thousands of voters who normally vote Democrat chose Youngkin because he demonstrated sanity in education.

Getting back to Elon Musk. Musk says he’s a socialist. He’s never expressed the least bit religious thought. Musk believes global warming is a coming catastrophe, and has invested billions into green tech, solar, batteries, EVs and public transit. He believes humans must expand beyond earth to survive. Musk thinks it’s wise to get vaccinated, but doesn’t think we must be forced to do things we don’t want to do with our bodies.

Bill Gates thinks many of the same things Elon Musk thinks. But Bill Gates is the devil’s own spawn if you wear Trump-colored glasses. Elon Musk is probably going to end up hated by both sides. If he brings Trump back to Twitter, he’ll be a hero, but then he’ll say something that will make the Trumpists think he’s in league with George Soros. The point here is that wearing Trump-colored glasses, nobody is allowed to be neutral. There is no room for positions, or nuance, or critical thought.

David French, Jonah Goldberg and the Dispatch crew are ardently anti-Trump, But they’re not as anti-Trump as the crew over at The Lincoln Project. You won’t see Jonah calling for people to vote for AOC and The Squad. With Trump-colored glasses, it doesn’t matter—all anti-Trumpists are colored the same as traitors. But Jerry Falwell, Jr., who is one ice cream cone away from qualifying as a groomer, is A-OK. So is Matt Gaetz, who wears his kink in public.

Being a good person or a five-star a-hole is irrelevant when one is wearing Trump-colored glasses. The only thing that matters is undying loyalty to the man who is more proud of hitting a hole-in-one than he is concerned about stopping World War III. The same glasses also say that a decent, concerned person like Liz Cheney is a traitor, or a Republican hero (despite Democrats comparing her father to Himmler), depending on who’s wearing them.

If you want to kill brain cells and turn yourself into a mindless bot, by all means, wear Trump-colored glasses. They’re for sale at the Trump Save America store. Be assured, every penny you give to Trump’s PAC will be kept by Trump used to save the world. You’ll be so much happier when you wear these glasses. You also get a free pair when you sign up for CNN+, but act fast before it’s too late! (It’s too late.)

I meant that last bit to offer some humor, but honestly, Trump-colored glasses are the worst idea since Jim Crow and slavery. They lead to racism, pain, misery, lies, deceit and loss of IQ. Don’t wear them. If you are wearing them, take them off. In the end, these glasses kill.

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