Happy Independence Day! State Dems Promote ‘F*** THE 4TH’  Event

A group of Democrats in Arizona are promoting a “F*** the 4th’ event to protest the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V Wade.

From Fox News:

local Arizona Democratic Party deleted a tweet promoting an event called “F–k the Fourth.”

The event, which the now-deleted tweet said was being hosted by the Tucson Women’s March, was promoted by the Pima County Democratic Party on Twitter.

“F–k the Fourth. See you at Reid Park,” the tweet stated.

“Bring comfortable shoes, water, lawn chairs, posters, and your anger,” the event description reads.

After Fox News Digital reached out for comment, the Pima County Democratic Party deleted the tweet.

In a follow-up tweet thread, the Pima County Democratic Party said that posting the graphic was a “mistake,” but said it still supports the “F–k the 4th” event.

“PCDP posted a graphic advertising a women’s march which, we agree, was in poor taste. We were eager to share the event, and in our haste we used the graphic provided by the event organizer. That was a mistake, and we will do better,” the Pima County Democratic Party tweeted. “Make no mistake, however. We support the event which will be on July 4 at 7 pm at Reid Park. The event was organized to help women in our community grieve for the loss of their bodily autonomy, which we consider an elemental right.”