HALEY’S COMMENT: ‘We Don’t Want a Prez Who’s Not So Much Leading From Behind as Sleeping From Behind.’

Former governor of South Carolina and Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley responded to President Biden’s accusations that GOP members have no plan and no solutions for America’s biggest problems. “Name me one thing they’re for,” the President continues to ask.

Here comes Haley in a scathing New York Post op-ed:

President Joe Biden claims the Republican Party doesn’t stand for anything. That’s quite a statement coming from someone who spent his first year in office floundering on the job.

“Name me one thing they’re for,” Biden says. In fact, Republicans stand for everything America needs — especially right now.

Where Biden and his fellow Democrats are attacking our national principles, sapping our national will and dimming our national future, Republicans are advancing a positive vision that can unite our country. We will undo his damage and unleash a new era of American strength and pride.

Biden is right about one thing: Republicans stand opposed to his agenda. So do most Americans.

Our country doesn’t want an entire generation of kids to lose their education and their futures. We don’t want skyrocketing inflation, stemming from trillions of dollars in wasteful spending, that steals from our wallets. We don’t want an economy that’s stuck in reverse and a government that’s taking away our freedom. We don’t want more crime on our streets and more dead police officers.

We don’t want a country that’s ashamed of itself and afraid to stand up for itself. And we don’t want a president who’s not so much leading from behind as sleeping from behind.

No, Americans wish to see our country emerge stronger from the crisis after crisis that Joe Biden has worsened, created or both. 

Read the full op-ed over at the New York Post: