GRAHAM BLASTS BIDEN: ‘I’ll Never Forgive Him for Afghanistan’

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) thinks Joe Biden is a “decent man” but may have trouble ever getting past his administration’s botched withdrawal in Afghanistan.

“I’ve known Joe Biden for a long time. I had a good personal relationship with him. He’s a decent man. But what he did in Afghanistan I will never forgive him for, he has blood on his hands, and he’s made America less safe,” Graham told Fox News.

“And he’s been the most consistently wrong man on foreign policy in my lifetime. And I can’t wait until the next election to stop this socialist train on the domestic side, and have a chance to get a commander in chief that knows how to keep this country safe,” Graham added.

“When it comes to Joe Biden, he’s made America less safe. He’s acted in a very dishonorable way,” Graham added.

Watch Graham’s full remarks below.