GOP SAYS ‘ENOUGH’: Republicans Move to Defund ‘1619 Project’ from America’s Classrooms

American schools should be a place for education — not indoctrination. Republican lawmakers are looking to keep revisionist history exercises – like the 1619 Project – out of our classrooms.

“Activists in schools want to teach our kids to hate America and hate each other using discredited, Critical Race Theory curricula like the 1619 Project,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark) wrote in a statement. “Federal funds should not pay for activists to masquerade as teachers and indoctrinate our youth.”

According to Newsmax, “Cotton’s Saving American History Act, first proposed last summer amid social unrest, would prohibit federal funds to K-12 or school districts to teach the 1619 Project and schools teaching the controversial curriculum will be ineligible for federal professional-development grants.”

Pushback has already begun on the state level, with Idaho, Arkansas, Florida and Oklahoma banning the 1619 Project from school curriculums – as well as critical race theory and other divisive concepts.