GOP RESPONDS TO BIDEN: ‘Target Criminals, Not Legal Gun Owners’

The GOP has released an official response to President Biden’s action on “ghost guns”; Biden and the DOJ plan expand the definition of a “firearm,” as established by the Gun Control Act, to cover “buy build shoot” kits that Americans can buy and assemble themselves —without serial numbers.

Newsflash for Biden: Targeting legal gun owners is not a crime-fighting strategy.

Most crimes are not committed with guns, and in the overwhelming majority of crimes committed with a gun, the perpetrator is illegally carrying the weapon.

Even so, Democrats like Manhattan’s DA wanted to give criminals a PASS for using guns to commit violent crimes like robbery and assault. During his visit to New York, Biden said cities should “follow New York’s lead.”

But while Biden placates criminals, he has shown disdain for legal gun owners. Time and time again, he has attacked the 2nd Amendment. He even vocally applaudedBeto O’Rourke, who “hell yes” promised “consequences” for LEGAL gun owners who don’t surrender their LEGAL firearms.

There’s a reason a new CBS poll shows 61% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of crime. Americans want a plan that supports law enforcement and enforces the law, not one that targets legal gun owners while giving criminals a pass.