GOP LEADERSHIP ON SCOTUS RULING: ‘A Rejection of an Arbitrary, Aggressive, Authoritarian Government’

Prominent GOP leaders have released a joint statement on today’s Supreme Court decision to block President Biden’s vaccine mandates for private employers. The following message is from House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, House Republican WHIP Steve Scalise, and Chairwoman Elise Stefanik:

“President Biden’s vaccine mandates are unlawful and not based on science. They deny workers their livelihood, divide our society, and diminish liberty. They are bad policies that undermine public confidence in the vaccines and compound the President’s failure to fulfill his promise to ‘crush the virus.’” 

“Today’s ruling blocking OSHA’s vaccine mandate is a welcomed rejection of an arbitrary, aggressive, and authoritarian government. But the fight isn’t over. Republicans will continue to speak up for the many healthcare workers who have been wrongly fired due to a similar mandate. They were on the front lines during the worst times of this pandemic, and many have natural immunity from prior infections. It is wrong to continue a mandate that punishes the same workers who have sacrificed so much to take care of Americans.”