‘GOING GREEN DOESN’T WORK’: Trump Torches Biden, Dems for Ruining Energy Independence

Former President Donald Trump spoke with The Center Square about the failings of the Biden Administration to gert the energy crisis under control; Trumps says “going green doesn’t work.”

“With inflation the way it is, with fuel prices now at $6, $7, $8 a gallon and more” in some places, Trump said, “it’s going up higher, more than that.”

“We were actually energy independent, energy independent, nobody thought that would be possible and soon to be energy dominant we would have been bigger that Saudi Arabia, Russia put together,” he told The Center Square. “By far, actually. Making a fortune. And having energy like nobody’s ever seen. … Now you’re going to have, here’s another prediction, brownouts and blackouts all over the country this summer.”

“All these states that are going green, it doesn’t work,” he added. “And wait until you see what happens.”

Trump also made a prediction about a possible World War.

“I’ll give you another prediction, we’re in danger of a world war,” he told The Center Square. “You look at what’s going on in Russia and Ukraine, which would have never happened had I been president. It would have never happened. And it didn’t happen. and watch China with Taiwan.”

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