‘GOD LOVE OUR VETS’: Dana Loesch Shares Message for Afghanistan Veterans

Veterans are looking on in disbelief at the shocking images and video coming out of Afghanistan. Many are worried about friends and fellow service members. Others are simply sharing their pain and disappointment.

“A knife stabbing into your chest. It’s like your heart being torn out,” said Marine Sergeant Nick Stefanovic who spent two years in Afghanistan. “I think it’s going to be a rough few months for veterans of that war,” he said. “I think this has got the potential to not only retraumatize but to bring veterans into a dark, hopeless place,” Stefanovic tells CBS News.

Dana Loesch shared a supportive message on her Substack, including a message from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs with resources for vets struggling with the latest headlines.

“I’m aware that our veterans, especially those who served in Afghanistan, are having a tough time reconciling their experiences and the headlines right now.” 

“My friend, a veteran, received this from the VA today and asked for people to share it.” 

“God love our vets. Your service matters, it matters to all of us, it matters to our freedoms,” Loesch wrote.

“To those who served in Afghanistan particularly: the headlines are about the execs, the unaccountable decision makers — it was because of you that my son, sixth-months-old on 9/11 — now my sons — and so many other children were able to grow up these past 20 years and have wonderful childhoods without terror levels and terror threats. Because of your sacrifices bad people who wanted to exact further horrors on the United States weren’t able to make it here to do so. You kept them confined there. You kept the monsters at bay,” she added.

“Thank you. Thank you for purchasing that normalcy for our children, for all of us, and for millions of others. You have a nation’s grateful heart.”