GINGRICH GOES OFF: Newt Says Nancy Pelosi ‘Greatest Threat’ to American Democracy

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich called-out Nancy Pelosi in an op-ed on his own website this week; calling the top Democrat the “greatest threat” to “constitutional liberty in our lifetime.”

“As a 20-year member of Congress and four-year Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, let me speak bluntly and directly. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the greatest threat to constitutional liberty in our lifetime. With the passive support of an apparently cowardly caucus, she is behaving as a dictator more like Fidel Castro, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, or Nicolás Maduro,” posted Gingrich on his website.

“Pelosi ordered and kept the fencing around the U.S. Capitol for months – even when members of her own party were calling for it to come down. She stripped a duly elected Republican of all her committee assignments. In recent weeks, she has dictated to the minority party what members it can have on a bipartisan commission. Now, she is threatening to have members of Congress and their staffs arrested if they do not follow the mask mandate which exists by her own decree. (I am not aware of a Speaker ordering members arrested since 30 members broke into a brawl on the House Floor over the Kansas Territory’s pro-slavery Lecompton Constitution in 1859),” he added.

Read Newt’s full analysis here.