‘GETTING THE FACTS OUT’: Elections Group Drives Biden Billboard Around Atlanta

According to Fox News, conservative voting rights group Honest Elections Project Action hired a mobile billboard to drive around Atlanta during President Biden’s voting rights speech.

“Jason Snead, the executive director of Honest Elections Project Action, told Fox News Digital during a Monday phone interview that his organization is ‘trying to get the facts out’ via the billboard,” Fox News reports.

“There’s been a lot of really heated rhetoric that, I think, has been designed to distract from what is really going on in state election reform and to build pressure to get rid of the filibuster, fundamentally change the way the Senate operates,” Snead told Fox News. “That’s what this speech is going to be about. That’s what this entire week is going to be about, in a lot of respect.”

“So we just wanted to make sure that there were some, from the perspective of the president, inconvenient facts that can’t be ignored, like the fact that Georgia has twice as many early voting days as his own home state of Delaware,” Snead continued, noting that Georgia has been engaged in early voting ‘for a lot longer than Delaware.’”

“I don’t know how many Americans, when you say that you’re fighting for voting rights, think that means that we should be directing taxpayer dollars to politicians’ campaigns, but that’s what some of these bills do,” Snead said.

“And a whole bunch of other stuff, which all is really designed to weaken voting safeguards and, I would argue, change the machinery of democracy to favor one party over the other,” he continued. “And that’s just not what democracy’s supposed to be about.”

Snead shared a picture of the mobile billboard on Twitter:

“Welcome to Georgia, President Biden… We sent you a gift, care to make a comment?”

“And remember: Georgia has twice as many early voting days as his home state of Delaware.”