‘GET THE HELL OUT’: Texas Rancher Blasts Beto During Campaign Stop, ‘You Lost Twice!’

This isn’t a great start for Beto’s gubernatorial run.

According to Fox News, during a recent campaign stop, failed presidential and senate candidate Beto O’Rourke was confronted by a Houston rancher who says they don’t want him for governor, either.

“On behalf of the ranchers, the oil and gas and farmers I’m in your grill telling you don’t come back,” the rancher says. “We don’t want you here. You ain’t taking my guns either. Nobody wants you here. No means no. Three times – you lost twice. No means no!”

The rancher was escorted away from the event.

“This campaign in Texas is not going to be about Joe Biden, it’s not going to be about Donald Trump, it’s not going to be about anyone from outside of our state,” O’Rourke said on CNN’s State of The Union. “This is going to be about the people of Texas, and what the people of Texas want.”

Sounds like they don’t want another Beto candidacy.