GET LOST LIZ! Folks in Wyoming React to a Possible Liz Cheney White House Run, ‘Please No’

Wyomingites resoundingly rejected incumbent Rep. Liz Cheney Tuesday night; Cheney was down by more than 30 points to Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman when she decided to deliver her concession speech. But now Cheney is teasing that a possible White House run may be in her future.

The folks in Wyoming aren’t too keen on that idea.

From Fox News:

“No, please, no, no, no,” one woman, BJ, said.

“I wouldn’t support her as a dogcatcher,” one man, Don, told Fox News.

Another, Frank, said: “I think there are going to be too many things in her background that people are going to remember.”

“She’s trying to get Democrats to vote for her, and she’s been pushing a lot of Democrats’ stuff,” Frank said. “She should just go ahead and change parties. I don’t see her getting a whole lot of support from Republicans.”

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