‘GET IT DONE’: Youngkin Ended CRT, Now He’s Pushing the Education Dept. to Be ‘Number One’ in the Nation

Governor Glenn Youngkin has an education crisis on his hands. Virginia is currently ranked last in the nation for education standards —something the governor intends on changing.

Youngking spoke about his education push on WMAL radio.

“We have instructed the secretary of education and our state’s superintendent of public schools, to go to work and evaluate raising standards,” Youngkin told the hosts. “We are right now, ranked roughly 50th in the nation when it comes to standards, and I challenged everyone that by the time that we’re done together, over this next four years, to be number one.”

“So it’s going to be a systematic process to raise those standards again,” he continued. “Oh, by the way, it was a process that was undertaken by unelected bureaucrats who did this to Virginia. And we are going to go back and turn it around and I have absolutely instructed our education department to get it done.”