GAV GUSHES OVER JOE 2024: ‘I Would Support Him in a Nanosecond —Passionately’

Okay, take it down a notch Gav.

Despite rumors that Gavin Newsom has his eyes on a White House run, the Golden State governor says he would support President Biden’s reelection bid in a “nanosecond.”

“Of course, yes, and I would support him in a nanosecond enthusiastically, passionately,” Newsom said after accepting the Frank Newman Award for State Innovation from the Education Commission of the States.

Meanwhile, Nesom popped in for a White House the day after Biden left for his swing through the Middle East. Conservative pundit and radio host Clay Travis shared the footage on Twitter.

“Gavin Newsom showing up to visit the White House the day after Joe Biden leaves for Israel is so next level diabolical I can’t help but respect it.”