GARDEN STATE DIGS IN: NJ Refuses to ‘Review Controversial Sex Curriculum’ for Young Kids

The New Jersey Board of Education will not review “controversial sex education curriculum” for young students, according to Fox News.

From Fox News:

The New Jersey State Board of Education doubled down this week on its sex education guidelines, refusing to reconsider the controversial curriculum despite outrage from parents and concerns about the possible negative impacts.

The guidelines, which were approved by the board roughly two years ago during the height of the pandemic, have only recently come under fire for its requirements that students as young as seven years old will be taught about sexual orientation and gender identity. 

Fox News’ David Lee Miller reported Friday on the board’s virtual meeting when Education Commissioner Angelica Allen-McMillan insisted that the guidelines “convey self-worth and acceptance on all students.”

Four members of the board, however, sent a letter to Allen-McMillian requesting a review by a committee of experts. 

The letter reads in part: “We are hoping the committee and department will recommend removing some of the more controversial and graphic language, as well as reexamine the age-appropriateness of the grade at which some of these topics are recommended to be taught.”