FUND THE POLICE: DeSantis Announces $1,000 Bonuses, Salary Increases for First Responders

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) wants the best law enforcement officers in the country – and he’s willing to pay whatever it takes to get them. The popular Florida governor announced a proposal at the Florida Highway Patrol station in Orlando on Monday.

“While other states have turned their backs on law enforcement, even calling to ‘defund the police,’ in Florida we continue to support the men and women in law enforcement,” DeSantis said in a statement.

“I am proud to propose larger and longer-lasting measures to help our state recruit and retain the best law enforcement officers in the nation and to provide $1,000 bonuses for first responders and law enforcement officers for the second year in a row,” he added.

The proposal includes the following:

73 million to increase the minimum pay for entry level sworn state law enforcement officers by 20% AND to increase veteran officer salaries by 25%.

$135 million to increase the base pay of Correctional Officers and Department of Juvenile Justice Officers.

$1.4 million to increase the salaries of state Special Risk Firefighters by up to $2,500 each.