FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS: Missouri Sheriff Refuses to Hand Over Gun Owner info to the FBI

According to a report from The Daily Wire, a Missouri sheriff and the state’s attorney general are resisting an FBI request for gun owner information —they say it ‘s a privacy violation.

“State leaders have reportedly been informed that the FBI is set to audit some 24 Missouri counties concerning Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) information next month. Scotland County Sheriff Bryan Whitney and Attorney General (AG) Eric Schmitt, both Republicans, say that won’t happen if they can help it,” The Daily Wire reports.

“As the sheriff of Scotland County, I want all my citizens to know that I will not allow, cooperate or release any CCW information to the FBI, ‘even at the threat of a federal arrest,’” Whitney told his community in a letter on Monday, Fox News Digital first reported.

“Point Blank, ‘I will go down with the ship if need be,’” the sheriff added.

“The FBI has absolutely no business poking around in the private information of those who have obtained a concealed carry permit in Missouri,” Schmitt slammed. “The Second Amendment rights of Missourians will absolutely not be infringed on my watch. I will use the full power of my Office to stop the FBI, which has become relentlessly politicized and has virtually no credibility, from illegally prying around in the personal information of Missouri gun owners.”

“Let me be perfectly clear,” Schmitt said in the letter to Director Wray. “Allowing federal agents from the FBI to have access to records of Missourians who have a permit to carry a concealed weapon violates Missouri law and infringes on our Second Amendment rights.”

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