FROM HILLARY, WITH LOVE? WaPo Reports ‘Material’ in Steele Dossier Came from ‘Dem Party Operative’

A bombshell report from the left-leaning Washington Post is sounding alarm bells in the Clinton Circle, with new documents showing some material in the ‘Steele Dossier’ came from ‘Democratic Party operative with long-standing ties’ to Hillary Clinton.

“The indictment also suggests Danchenko may have lied to Steele and others about where he was getting his information. Some of the material came from a Democratic Party operative with long-standing ties to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, according to the charges, rather than well-connected Russians with insight into the Kremlin,” writes the Washington Post.

“The allegations cast new uncertainty on some past reporting on the dossier by news organizations, including The Washington Post,” adds the newspaper.

This is a developing story. Read the full report at the Washington Post.