FREEDOM OVER FAUCI: DeSantis Selling Fauci Flip Flops, ‘He Flips. He Flops. But He Can’t Stop Freedom in Florida.’

Well played, Team DeSantis. Well played.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Co. have released a new ad for Fauci Flip Flops, featuring footage of some of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s greatest flips (and flops). The team shared the ad on Twitter:

“After 600+ days of ineffective lockdowns & mandates, 3 things are certain with Dr. Fauci: He flips. He flops. He fails. To commemorate Fauci’s flip flopping, we’re launching EXCLUSIVE Freedom Over Fauci Flip Flops on our Team DeSantis storefront.”

The ad promises that the flip flops are “coming to a beach near you.” Watch below: