FREE FALLIN’: Biden Approval Down 20 Points Since Taking Office, New Poll Shows

A new Monmouth University poll has bad news for Biden.

According to The Daily Caller, “Biden entered office in January with a net approval rating of +24, but now in July sits at just +4, according to the poll. The Monmouth poll is the second to show Biden’s approval rating slipping to an all-time low this week, pairing off with a Rasmussen Reports poll released Wednesday.”

Biden has dropped in popularity every month since taking office in January.

While Joe is tanking in the polls, his policy efforts remain slightly more popular.

“His American Jobs Plan, described in the poll as an infrastructure bill focusing on ‘roads, bridges and trains, internet access, power grid improvements, and clean energy projects,’ sits at a 71% approval rating,” the Caller reports.

Many believe Biden’s poor poll performance has largely to do with Americans’ faith in the economy. According to AP News, “Fewer than half, 45%, judge the economy to be in good shape, while 54% say it’s in poor shape.”