FAULKNER TORCHES ‘THIRSTY’ BETO: ‘This is a Man Who Plays to the Cameras’

Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke got absolutely torched by Harris Faulkner on Thursday; Faulkner and guest Pete Hegseth ripped the perennial candidate for interrupting the Uvalde press conference to grandstand in front of the cameras.

“Those people en masse were hurting. Why would anybody who wants to run for governor of that state show up and act a fool like that?” she asked, turning the question over to Hegseth.

“If you are political to your core this is a moment for political grandstanding,” Hegseth answered. “Where did he go? Right in front of the stage where all the cameras were trained, where the audio would be heard.”

“This is his turf and his territory, and he has been clear from the beginning to say this will not be politicized. We will have the conversation later,” Hegseth pointed out. “If Beto O’Rourke is sincere about a wanting a solution, which I don’t think he is, but if he was, you wouldn’t start by impugning the motive of folks on the other side. It doesn’t create the opportunity for that discussion. Political to its core and shameful.”

“He is not a leader. Can you imagine what that mayor has seen today? Or yesterday and today? He is not a leader, O’Rourke, to walk into a situation and not just impugn them, but hurt them. He hurt them,” Faulkner agreed.

“He was planning to go right in front of those cameras,” Faulkner says. This is a man who plays to the cameras.”

“So thirsty,” Faulkner concluded.

Watch the clip below: