FAUCI FAIL: Cases of COVID in Texas Drop 30%, Hospitalizations Down 37% with No Mask Mandate

Buck Sexton called-out Dr. Anthony Fauci’s flat-out refusal to acknowledge the facts surrounding Texas and their drop in COVID cases Tuesday as new infections in the Lone Star State plummet by more than 30%.

“Remember when the mainstream media had a meltdown over Governor Abbott’s decision to re-open? Biden called the move ‘Neanderthal Thinking.’ Turns out cases of COVID in Texas are down 30% since the state re-opened on March 10th. Hospital patients are also down 37%,” said Sexton.

“They ditched the mask mandate and they’re thriving. Why are more states not following suit?” asked Buck. “Doctor Fauci was asked what’s happening in Texas. People want to know what the explanation is for this, especially since other Governors are calling the move reckless.”

“I’m worried about where we’re heading here. The mask mandates will always be in the background. Maybe during flu season, or flu and COVID season. I’m amazed how many people I see walking alone, outdoors, with masks on,” he concluded.

Watch Sexton above.