FAREWELL FAUCI! Anthony Fauci Gives ‘Final Message’ at White House Press Briefing

Dr. Anthony Fauci is heading off into the sunset.

According to a report from FoxNews, Tuesday was Fauci’s final briefing from the White House press podium; he retires next month. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre showered the doc with praise.

“As you all know, Dr. Fauci is retiring next month, and I am honored–so honored–to have him join me today one more time, one last time at the podium,” Jean-Pierre gushed. “For so many Americans throughout our fight with COVID, Dr. Fauci has been a source of information and facts.”

“But Dr. Fauci’s leadership and legacy stretch far beyond the past couple of years, whether it be HIV/AIDS, Ebola or COVID-19,” she continued. “For close to four decades, and under seven Republican and Democratic presidents, Dr. Fauci has always led with the science, and our country is stronger and healthier because of his leadership.”

“It’s really a great pleasure to be back here with you again, albeit I believe for the last time,” Fauci said before once again urging Americans to get vaccinated.

“Every day for all those years I’ve given it all that I have, and I’ve never left anything on the field,” he continued. “I gave it all I got.”

Watch the clip below: