FAILING REID GOES AFTER DeSANTIS: ‘A Harbinger of What’s to Come if Republicans Take Over the Country’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is almost out the door —multiple outlets are reporting her show will be canceled before the end of the year. So she might as well go down swinging. Reid took some shots at popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on her soon-not-to-be-a-show The ReidOut.

According to Fox News, In his “State of the State” speech Tuesday, “DeSantis commented how Florida is becoming a refuge for those looking to escape ‘authoritarian, arbitrary and seemingly never-ending mandates and restrictions.’ He went on to call out the policies he deemed ‘destructive’ and based on ‘blind adherence’ to ‘Faucian declarations.’”

Reid didn’t like that kind of talk at all.

“DeSantis sure loves a talk about freedom, especially the kind that risks the health of people in his own state who have essentially been part of a giant natural herd immunity experiment for the past two years, whether they want to be or not,” Reid said.

“She went so far as to claim that it was as if ‘more COVID [cases] was always the goal’ for DeSantis. ‘[A] new report states that 80 percent of Floridians will likely contract omicron at this rate. Which of course, means more customers for Ron’s top donors’ miracle cure, yay!’”

“If you’re not already convinced the Republicans suppressing the vote and taking over the country would seriously harm our democracy, look no further than Ron DeSantis’ Florida. What some people call ‘DeSantistan’ [is] an authoritarian harbinger of what’s to come for all of us if Republicans take over this country in total.”

Quick reminder to Joy Reid: Ron DeSantis is incredibly popular and your show will be off the air any moment now.