EXACTLY: Stelter Unhappy Fox Covering Covid, Biden, School Closures But NOT Jan 6 Riot

CNN’s “media correspondent” Brian Stelter lamented on social media Thursday that Fox News’ morning programs were covering current events like the pandemic, Biden administration, and school closures rather than the anniversary of the January 6th riot.

“Lead story on Fox’s morning show today, all three hours: Covid, Biden admin’s failures, ‘maskless’ liberal lawmakers, Chicago schools. Lead story on all the other major morning shows: 1/6 anniversary,” posted Stelter shortly before 9am.

“Only a few brief references of 1/6 on Fox’s A.M. show today. Generic mentions about Biden’s upcoming speech, plus this Brian Kilmeade POV: Biden ‘wants to talk only about January 6 and blame Donald Trump because he thinks that’s the only thing he’s going to get high ratings for,’” concluded Stelter.