EVEN WaPo TORCHES BIDEN’S PLAN! Editorial Board Calls Student Loan Cancellation ‘Inflationary’ and ‘Ill-Conceived’

President Biden is fielding attacks from the right and the left for his student loan cancellation announcement; Biden has promised to forgive anywhere between $10,000-$20,000 for borrowers.

Conservative estimates say the plan will cost taxpayers $300 billion dollars.

The editorial board over at The Washington Post blasted Biden for the decision in a piece called “Biden’s student loan announcement is a regressive, expensive mistake.”

Excerpts from WaPo:

The loan-forgiveness decision is even worse. Widely canceling student loan debt is regressive. It takes money from the broader tax base, mostly made up of workers who did not go to college, to subsidize the education debt of people with valuable degrees. Though Mr. Biden’s plan includes an income cap, the threshold does not reflect need or earnings potential, meaning white-collar professionals with high future salaries stand to benefit. Student loans, moreover, are a poor proxy for household income: An analysis by policy researcher Jason D. Delisle found that, in 2016, students from high-income and low-income families were just as likely to take on debt for their first year in an undergraduate program — and students from high-income families borrowed the largest amounts.

Mr. Biden’s plan is also expensive — and likely inflationary. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimates that extending the loan pause to the end of the year would cost $20 billion, while forgiving $10,000 for households making less than $300,000 would cost $230 billion. Together, these policies would nullify nearly a decade’s worth of deficit reduction from the Inflation Reduction Act. Moreover, it is unclear that the 1965 Higher Education Act even grants the president the legal authority to take such a sweeping step, given that it was historically understood to permit only more targeted relief.