EVEN CNN! Mainstream on to the Fact that the Inflation Reduction Act Doesn’t Reduce Inflation

During Tuesday’s episode of CNN’s New Day, guest John Harwood had some “breaking news” for anchors John Berman and Brianna Keilar —the Inflation Reduction Act won’t actually reduce inflation.

Harwood says the name was a marketing trick to get West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin on board.

“They call it the Inflation Reduction Act as a marketing device in part to lock down the vote of Joe Manchin. To reassure Joe Manchin that they were focused on his issue,” Harwood claimed.

From Fox News:

The White House correspondent openly admitted the bill will do little on the inflation front, continuing, “It is going to have a negligible effect on inflation. If it does anything, it might reduce inflation a tiny, tiny bit. But that’s not what it’s about.”

“What it’s about is climate, it’s about health policy, extending Obamacare subsidies, lowering prescription drug costs by letting Medicare negotiate and taxing big corporations. That’s the core element of the plan,” the reporter continued.

More over at Fox News: