ET TU, #METOO? ‘Time’s Up’ Co-Founder Resigns for Ties to Cuomo Probe

Building workplaces that are safe, fair, and entirely hypocritical.

Roberta Kaplan, co-founder of the organization Time’s Up has resigned due to her ties to Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment investigation. She has been implicated in helping the governor discredit his accusers.

“Robbie Kaplan, board co-chair, has stepped down from the board,” TIME’S UP said in a press release Monday. “We and she agree that is the right and appropriate thing to do. We hold ourselves accountable. The events of the last week have made it clear that our process should be evaluated and we intend to do just that. We need more transparency about our vision of change-making, and we need a more inclusive process to engage the broader survivor community, many of whom have spent years doing the noble work of fighting for women.”

According to The Daily Caller, “A report on the investigation released Tuesday said that both Kaplan and TIME’S UP co-founder Tina Tchen helped Cuomo’s team craft an op-ed discrediting accuser Lindsey Boylan. The op-ed ‘denied the legitimacy of Ms. Boylan’s allegations, impugned her credibility, and attacked her claims as politically motivated,’ according to the New York attorney general’s report.”