‘ENOUGH’: Whole Foods Claims ‘Constitutional Right’ to Ban Workers from Wearing ‘BLM’ Masks

Whole Foods fired-back in a lawsuit this week after hundreds of employees sued the company for stopping them from wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ apparel while on the job; claiming the store has a “constitutional right” to ban ‘BLM’ masks for workers.

“U.S. labor board prosecutors are trying to violate Whole Foods Market’s copyright and constitutional rights by forcing it to let employees wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ masks at work, the Amazon.com Inc. subsidiary claims,” reports Bloomberg.

“Whole Foods counters that it’s the one whose rights are being violated. The company’s filing, obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request, accuses the labor board’s general counsel, Jennifer Abruzzo, of trying to unconstitutionally ‘compel’ speech by Whole Foods in violation of its First Amendment rights,” adds the website.

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