EMBARRASSING: TX Dems Who Fled Now Suing GOP, Ask for Restraining Order Against Governor

Political theater at its worst.

Instead of getting back to work and voting on important legislation in their home state, Texas Democrats have filed a federal lawsuit against three Texas Republicans.

According to The Washington Times, “Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Sunday that the House Democrats, who absconded to Washington, D.C., last month to break quorum in the GOP-led House, ought to be embarrassed.”

“Now the same group [is] filing a lawsuit by an attorney that apparently has his law license suspended, didn’t get the speaker’s name right, and [is] suing for a couple of bucks,” Mr. Patrick told Fox & Friends. “They’re just showing how idiotic this whole adventure has been for them, and their credibility just disappears day by day by day.”

“So let me get this straight — the fleeing House Democrats have filed a Federal lawsuit claiming $5 in actual damages and $10 in punitive damages…and their attorney is practicing under a probationally suspended license? Is this a joke?” tweeted Republican state Sen. Dawn Buckingham.

The nine-page suit also seeks a restraining order to prevent Governor Greg Abbott from arresting the Democrats and forcing them to participate in any special sessions.