EDUCATION NOT INDOCTRINATION: N.C. School Board Withholds Millions in Funding to Block CRT

According to Newsmax, North Carolina’s Johnston County Board of Commissioners is withholding nearly $8 million in school funding until they are certain Critical Race Theory won’t be taught in classrooms; they’ve even introduced a new policy into their Code of Ethics.

“The United States foundational documents shall not be undermined,” the policy says. “All people who contributed to American Society will be recognized and presented as reformists, innovators and heroes to our culture.” 

“No student or staff member shall be subjected to the notion that racism is a permanent component of American life,” the updated code of conduct says. “No unequal value shall be placed on any race, gender, religion, ethnicity, social class, or any other identity group.”

Failure to comply with the policy “will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.”

Not everyone is a fan of the new policy. 8th-grade social studies teacher April Lee says it’s like “selling our souls to the devil for $7.9 million.”

“It’s basically extortion,” Lee said. “They’re holding money hostage until they get a policy that is extreme enough for them to approve. We should all be angry about that.”

Johnston School Board Vice Chairwoman Terri Sessoms says the new policy will accomplish “good things for kids.”