EARTH TO JOE: Biden Blasted for Claiming 8.2% Inflation Shows ‘Progress’

Joe Biden may not be aware o how bad things are for everyday Americans. In fact, he makes a lot of questionable comments that seem completely out of touch with reality.

Take his response to the Labor Department’s inflation report.

“Today’s reports, though, show some progress. Overall, inflation was 2% over the last three months. That’s down from 11% over the prior three months. That’s progress but a lot of it has resulted from getting the cost of living at the gas pump down, now even in California, by more than $1 nationally,” Biden said.

“He has no idea what’s happening with inflation today. They just hand him something to say and he says it,” The Spectator’s contributing editor Stephen Miller tweeted.

“What planet is this guy on? Good lord is he a mess. Just lives in fantasyland and think we all do too,” said radio host Paul Zeise.

“He’s like a cartoon caricature of a laughably corrupt politician,” conservative commentator Chad Felix Greene wrote. 

“The guy has watched inflation rise nearly every month of his presidency to the worse levels in 40 years – based on party-line policies (that he reminds us every single Republican voted against) and he’s going to come out and say this? Pathetic,” Republican communicator Matt Whitlock wrote.

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