DUMB VIEW: Watch Joy Behar Upset Dying Ukrainians May Interrupt Her Vacation Plans

There’s brutal, bloody fighting taking place right now between Ukraine and Russia —it’s all out war. And while the world looks on in horror, View co-host Joy Behar is concerned all this bloodshed may force her to reschedule her vacation. Here’s the exchange; watch the clip below.

“What I also thought about was the fact that estimates are 50,000 Ukrainians will be dead or wounded and that this is going to start a humanitarian crisis, a refugee crisis in Europe. We’re talking about 5 million people that are going to be displaced. It’s heartbreaking to hear what is going to happen,” co-host Sunny Hostin says.

“Well, I’m scared of what’s going to happen in Western Europe, too. You know, you plan a trip, you want to go there…[I wanted] to go to Italy for four years. I haven’t been able to make it because of the pandemic — and now this. It’s like, what’s going to happen there, too?” Behar says.