DROWNING: Maddow Replacement Alex Wagner Loses 50% of Key Ad Demo, Failing Miserably

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow successor, Alex Wagner, is losing her auidence.

According to a report from CNN, “In September, on evenings Alex Wagner Tonight aired, MSNBC saw a stunning year-over-year drop from 2021, when Maddow hosted. In the key 25-54 advertising demo, Wagner’s show lost 50% of Maddow’s audience, sinking from an average in 2021 of 304,000 demo viewers to 151,000 in 2022. And in total viewers, the numbers were down 34%, from 2.4 million to 1.6 million.”

Half of a key ad demo packed up and left. One former tv exec says it’s “brutal” and “very troubling.”

“A 50 percent drop in the key 25-54 demo is 50 percent drop in your billable viewer,” the former executive said. “Imagine running a store or restaurant and losing 50 percent of your billable customers. Not your looky-loos. Your paying customers.”

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