‘DON’T LET THE PRESS BRAINWASH YOU’: Evangeline Lilly Tells Trudeau to Meet With Truckers, ‘Listening is the Only Way Out’

Actress Evangeline Lilly —who, at this point must be figuring damn the torpedoes after she got blasted for her reasonable vaccine mandate response —is weighing in on the situation in her home country of Canada. Lilly shared a video message imploring Trudeau to meet with Truckers and encouraging both sides to listen to one another.

“Treating [truckers] with prejudice, suspicion, and illegal repression is not care,” she continued, adding, “Protesting something that deeply, deeply concerns you in our society is not terrorism. It is the civic duty of every Canadian. It is our job as the people to hold our leadership accountable if they are infringing on our inalienable rights, if we suspect that they have become corrupted or compromised in any way — or simply, if we think they’re wrong in monumental decisions they are making on behalf their people.”

“But you are treating my brothers and sisters, your constituents, like terrorists without ever speaking to their leadership,” Lilly went on to call on Trudeau to listen to the people instead of simply cracking down on them. “There are no riots. This is not a violent protest. There is only a mass of deeply concerned citizens at your doorstep who you refuse to acknowledge for what they are: your people.”

“To everybody listening, everybody,” Lilly continued. “People who disagree with the mandates and people who agree with them. If you think that the person on the other side of this divide is your enemy, please take time to get to know them. Listen with an open heart to what they’re really saying. And remember that we’re all humans who get scared and feel pain, and most of us are just trying our best to build the brightest future for the next generation and the happiest, most fulfilling, most peaceful and healthy today.”

“Don’t let the press brainwash you into division and hatred,” Lilly concluded, noting that “the antidote to prejudice is knowledge” and encouraging people to listen to each other rather than what was being put out by media: “Listening is the only way out of the ideological mess.”

Watch the message below: