DON UP ON JOE: New Poll Shows Trump With 7-Point Lead Over Biden

According to a recent McLaughlin and Associates poll, former President Donald Trump leads current President Joe Biden by seven points in a potential election matchup: 57-43. Trump is ten points up on Veep Kamala Harris.

From Breitbart News…

Joe Biden’s 2024 Democrat nomination is not a foregone conclusion. Only 37 percent of voters desire Biden to run in 2024, while 63 percent of voters stated they did not want Biden for a second term, a Monday poll revealed. Biden also trails any eventual 2024 Republican nominee by nine points.

Who Republicans will nominate in 2024 is unknown. But Friday’s polling shows Donald Trump hypothetically dominating the 2024 Republican primary by 46 points over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (69-23 percent). Previous polling has given Trump a 52-point lead over the Florida governor.